Seminole ISD releases updated reopening plan; FAQ

August 5, 2020
Seminole Parents,

We continue to strive to communicate details of our upcoming reopening procedures and a "Return to Learn" plan. We've upgraded some of our plans to help ensure safe, efficient practices are in place. In addition, we have created FAQ #3 to address questions submitted to us. Those can be found at the end of this correspondence.

 Here are the Top Five New Things to Know about the Tribe's Return to Learn.

  1. We will be doing a "staggered reopening" at all campuses on August 13-14. To ensure that safety protocols are in place and students have ample time to adjust to new campuses, we will do partial returns to campuses on Thursday and Friday, Aug 13&14. This means that only certain grade levels will return on Thursday, while others will return on Friday.  Distance Learning students will follow the same schedule online.  Monday, August 17 will be a normal school day with all students on campus. Please look for information coming from campus principals for the specific details of our staggered reopening. Here is the schedule:
    • Thursday, August 13 - Only these grade levels will meet at their respective campuses: 1st grade at FJ Young, 3rd grade at Primary, 5th grade at Elementary, 7th & 8th grade at JH, 9th grade & 11th grade at HS

    • Friday, August 14 - Only these grade levels will meet at their respective campuses: PK & Kindergarten at FJ Young, 2nd grade at Primary, 4th grade at Elementary, 6th grade at JH, 10th grade & 12 grade at HS
    • Success Center will meet on campus with normal times on August 13-14.

      SHS schedule

  2. In working with local health officials, SISD has reconsidered previous guidance and will perform daily temperature checks of students and staff.
  3. The basics of who will need to stay away from school come down to this:
    • If you test positive, it is a minimum of 10 days (+ must be fever free for 24hrs)
    • If you had “close contact” with a person who was lab-confirmed COVID-19 (within 6 ft for 15+ min w/no face covering), it is a minimum of 14 days
  4. Friday Night Lights will still shine bright.  We are excited that we get to offer athletics, band, cheer, and all our other extracurricular activities. Per UIL rules, we must limit spectators to 50% capacity. Look for additional information in the near future.
  5. Flexibility is a virtue.  As we move through the year, we could see many changes dictated by this very fluid situation. In a very uncertain time, you can be reassured that our TR1BE is ready to do whatever it takes for our students to be successful.
Kyle Lynch
FAQs #3 -| Family Survey Results 

This information is subject to change as we receive additional information and guidance from the Texas Governor, Texas Education Agency, and State and Federal Regulations.
I. Safety Measures:
Taking Daily Temperatures at School:
  1. Will the school take daily temperatures of students as a means to screen for COVID-19?  Yes. In working with local health officials, SISD has reconsidered previous guidance and will perform daily temperature checks of students and staff. In making the safety of all students and staff a priority, SISD will rely on parents to help with screening procedures as well. Parents will need to keep their student home if he/she feels ill. SISD will provide a general screening document to parents in the coming days.
Cleaning Procedures | Disinfecting Routines:
  1. If you have to miss school because of a fever or COVID-related symptoms, will you be moved to distance learning until it sits safely to return? Students will have the opportunity to continue to receive instruction. Depending on the campus model and the amount of time the student will be out will determine the amount of time in distance learning.
  2. What will drop-off and pick-up look like this year? Are we allowed to walk our students to their classrooms? Each campus will send communication to parents regarding pick-up and drop-off procedures. We are not permitting parents to walk their student(s) to their classroom.
  3. Will the custodial staff follow a certain schedule of disinfecting classrooms, supplies, gyms, hallways, and other common areas and surfaces? Do they have enough supply? Seminole ISD is actively working to provide each building and classroom with the appropriate supplies needed to promote a safe, productive learning environment. We are currently well-stocked with cleaning supplies.
Face Coverings / Masks:
Key point: Per the Governor’s order - face coverings should be worn when 6ft social distancing cannot be maintained. There will be many times during the day in which we’ll be able to ensure social distancing. Keep in mind that SISD will have clear face shields for all students.
  1. Will my student be allowed to only wear the mask when going from class to class and the shield the rest of the time? Yes. When moving through the building or to a different class and social distancing cannot be maintained, students will be required to wear a face covering.
  2. Will children be able to take their own masks or do they need to wear what the school provides? Are cloth masks sufficient? If so, can they bring them home to be cleaned and disinfected by parents? Yes. Students are able to bring their own masks to school for transitional periods and are encouraged to wash at home.
  3. Will students be required to wear masks at recess? We don’t think so. However, if social distancing cannot be achieved, face coverings will be required.
  4. Will social distancing be followed at recess and PE? Yes. Social distancing will be encouraged by staff when students are participating in recess, PE, library, and music classes.
  5. What grades have to utilize face coverings? When will they not be required to wear a face-covering? Students in 4th grade and above are required. We will highly recommend all students to wear face coverings in certain situations. All students should wear them in transition for the entrance and exit of the campus and when social distancing cannot be achieved. SISD will be purchasing clear face shields for all students and staff as an alternative for in-class instructional time.
  6. Does SISD have any plans in place to delay the starting of the school year if cases continue to rise at an alarming level? Not at this time. All campuses are scheduled for a soft opening on August 13-14. Seminole ISD is diligently working to appropriately plan for various scenarios. Your continued grace, patience, and understanding are always appreciated.
Day-To-Day Routine:
  1. What will breakfast and lunch look like? It will vary from campus to campus. Lunches will be served in covered containers. At the elementary level, students will either eat in their classroom or in a setting that allows for social distancing. At the secondary level, students will be spread out in many areas of the school and outdoors, weather permitting. When transitioning to and from the cafeteria, in lunch lines, etc. students will be expected to wear a face covering. Once seated and eating, students may remove their masks. High School students will be permitted to leave campus.
  2. Will my student be able to leave for lunch? Am I able to drop off lunch at the front office? High School students are the only ones who may leave for lunch. Students in PK - 8th grade will not be allowed to leave campus nor have a visitor join them for lunch. Students may bring lunch, but no drop-off or delivery of lunch is allowed.
  3. How will students move from class to class? What will the passing period look like for secondary? It will vary from building to building. Our elementary campuses will have the opportunity to stagger breaks throughout the day to avoid congestion and utilize face coverings when appropriate. Our secondary campuses will utilize face coverings and one-way traffic where possible.
  4. Will visitors be allowed on campuses? Visitors will be allowed on campuses on a very limited basis using the guidelines below.
  • Visits must be official school business and have a scheduled appointment
  • All visitors required to wear masks and utilize hand sanitizing stations upon entry
  • Parents will be required to drop off students at designated drop off locations
  • Students may bring lunch, but no drop-off or delivery of lunch allowed
  • No visitors will be allowed to eat with students
  • Students in PK - 8th grade will not be allowed to leave campus for lunch
  • Until further notice, classroom parties will not be allowed
5. How will I know if thee is a case? We will notify the campus if someone tests positive on that campus. We will not disclose identifiable information about that student or staff member. However, you will be contacted personally if your student has been determined to have been within close contact with someone who tests positive.
Academic Questions:
  1. If we do not like on-campus learning, can we switch our students to distance learning? Yes. Students who wish to participate in distance learning are provided that opportunity.
  2. What will schedules look like for in-person learning? This will vary from campus to campus. Additional information will be provided by each individual campus.
  3. What will distance learning actually look like? Distance Learners will participate in both asynchronous (real-time with the rest of the class) and independent learning.
  4. Will the supply list for distance learning be the same as the in-person learning? Yes. To participate fully, students will need the same supplies for both in-person or at-home learning.
  5. What will a small group look like? How many children together at a time? Seminole ISD is purchasing plexiglass table dividers and face shields for in-class instruction. Small groups typically entail 3-5 children at one time.
  6. Will technology be provided to distance learners? Yes. The district will provide devices for all staff and students enrolled in Seminole ISD.
  7. How will the Special Ed classroom enforce social distancing or mask when they don't understand this and have sensory issues? The Seminole ISD staff will provide shields for all students, and review the importance of social distancing with all students through social stories. Social stories will be presented daily at the beginning of the school year with assistance from the special education department staff trained to help students with sensory deficits.
  8. What is the process for applying for free and/or reduced lunch for students? Will my distance learner receive a school provided meal? Yes, similar to in-person meal procedures, students enrolled in distance learning may request a school provided meal. Please visit our Food Services webpage for information regarding Free/Reduced Meals, Payment Information, and Menus.
  9. What time does school start each day? All campuses will begin at 7:55 am.
Social | Emotional Well-Being
  1. Will children be able to interact at all? Yes. We pride ourselves in employing professional, empathetic educators who are invested in not only the educational preparedness of our students but the social and emotional lessons learned through interactions that come with a classroom setting.
  2. Does SISD have any plans to provide additional emotional support for teachers and students during this school year? Seminole ISD counseling staff will continue to evaluate and prepare support for our students and staff. They will provide families with resources and a means for additional support.
  3. Will there be a day for the kids to get to find their classrooms, meet the teacher, and experience wearing their mask or face shields before school starts? Additional information from individual campuses will be provided via ParentSquare and our social media platforms. Staff and administration will work together to educate students about classroom safety, procedures, as well as, provide a tour of the school.
  4. Will my daughter that is going to Junior High be able to take her supplies to school, look at the school, and get to know where her classes are as well? Seminole Junior High Staff has provided an online Orientation for incoming 6th graders. If there are additional needs, please reach out to the campus office.
  5. Will students get to go to PE, Music, and Recess? Yes. Proper social distancing and sanitation protocols will be followed at each of these classes.
  6. How will the behavioral changes as a result of stress, anxiety, fear due to social distancing be handled? The Counselors for the District will continue to collaborate with one another to identify various services and needs while determining effective solutions on how to better serve our students.

The most up-to-date information regarding the safe Reopening of Seminole Schools may be found at our dedicated webpage: